Kylah has returned from Minnesota with so many new skills she
had forgotten she possessed! The constraint therapy has helped her
to realize that her right arm is not only there but can be USED
for things!  With “teamwork” from her left arm she has an new set
of skills to continue to work on and perfect. 

     An added bonus, one that we didn’t expect for her, is that she is
walking so much easier and is taking stairs now without hesitation! 
She moves and squats more evenly which will help her for the rest
of her life. 

     We see this as another giant step in Kylah’s ongoing recovery. THANK YOU SO MUCH to those who helped to make this possible for Kylah. While her therapy was funded by Michigan Medicaid, there were many things that were not covered and without the people who have given so generously to Kylah we may not have been able to take advantage of this opportunity for her.

     Not only are we grateful to those who gave money to Kylah but to those who helped us with the enormous amount of paperwork necessary for Medicaid approval, to those who helped guide and support us through the process, to co-workers who worked extra hours so I could take Kylah, to her therapists in Michigan who suggested and encouraged the therapy, to Jayne the Physical Therapist in Minnesota, who not only cared for Kylah but the rest of us too,  to family, friends and strangers who prayed and encouraged us during our month long stay.  THANK YOU!  It certainly takes a village to raise this incredible child!

     My eyes are now on continuing this process for her. Possibly some follow-up constraint therapy at University of Michigan and definitely here at home and with her therapists. I also learned of some wonderful adaptive computer equipment that will be heavily googled in weeks to come. There may be a tracking ball and touch screen computer in the future for Kylah.

     An electrical stimulation unit has also been prescribed as part of her therapy. It decreases the amount of energy she needs to put into moving that arm/hand/fingers so that she is willing to use it more and builds strength. Whatever it takes to make Kylah’s life as productive and “normal” as possible!

     Please continue to pray for Kylah. We are expecting surgery to be scheduled for her “lazy” eye by the end of the summer and are hoping for another fun summer at CMU’s speech camp.

Kylah amazes us every day and I am so grateful for her life.
Our Little "Princess" Kylah!!
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Thank you all very much for showing love to Kylah from near and far!
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